Grattons Indoor Bowls Club

About Us

Gratton's Indoor Bowls Club has a long and chequered history. Its was open on 24th November 1983 by Neil Macfarlane (Minister for Sport). The beginning stemmed from three sources, all individual in their origin,but eventually they became moulded into one concerted effort.

Firstly,bowlers in the Horsham district established a Club to try and get an indoor green in that area, but without success. Secondly,about the same time a similar move was being made in the Mis Sussex area but this venture failed to get off the ground. Thirdly the existing two rink green at the Crawley Leisure Centre had, for a long time been considered inadequate to cater for the growing demand for indoor bowls play by those residents in the expanding Crawley New Town area, and attention was directed to ways and means of meeting this demand.

Then a dramatic meeting of all these interests took place on 17th June 1980, when it was decided to pool resources and to work together to obtain a 6 rink green at Crawley which was the largest urbanisation in the northern part or Sussex and the south of Surrey. A Joint Steering Committee fully representative of the area was set up and it immediately got to work. From the start it had the cooperation of the Crawley Council and its Officers, but there were several problems to overcome in relation to the siting of the land which the Council had kindly offered and of course the methods of financing the project. The real turning point was when the National Sports Council showed an interest in the scheme and was willing to consider financial support. After this matters progressed rapidly and a number of well attended meetings of the local bowlers were held. Their response to an appeal for loans and donations was very encouraging.

A limited Company was formed and a Board of Directors appointed.

The club has been running now for over 35 years and continues to provide a welcoming place for people to enjoy the sport of bowls.
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